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I am an empath, an introvert, and an animal-lover. I'm a wife and a mom. I enjoy reading, baking, and spending time outside. Like you, I am a human seeking connection with others.

Some things about me to make me more three dimensional:

  • I'm a homebody. Nowhere I'd rather be than home with my daughter and hubby (and doggos).

  • I'm a planner & thrive on routine.

  • I have a love for spreadsheets. I proudly identify as a nerd.

  • I've got a vicious sweet tooth.

  • I live in slippers and a heated blanket. If we are on a video call it's guaranteed I've got both on.

  • I love coffee and can't function properly without it.

  • My dad jokes are funny and you can't tell me otherwise!

My favorite part about working with clients is finding commonalities and sharing laughs together. Yogi tea said it first, “We all want to be understood, to be acknowledged, and to be loved.”



My relationship with clients is laid-back, conversational, approachable; I view myself as my client's equal.


I am both client-centered and strengths-based in session. You won't find me using any toxic positivity, I will gladly validate your shitty day and sit with you in the suck. My no-bullshit approach means we tackle issues head-on, while my warm and conversational style creates a safe space for you to express yourself fully.


My style is influenced by attachment theory with some mindfulness dabbled in there. I am also trained in the Trauma Resiliency Model. I believe all humans are born with natural resilience. We'll explore how your past relationships and attachment patterns are influencing your present choices. This insight will empower you to make decisions that align with your true self and long-term happiness.


I use walk and talk therapy to marry body and mind. Walking while doing a therapy session offers a more laid back atmosphere (no awkward eye contact!) and less pressure to fill the space. I also like using walk and talk as a natural way to introduce mindfulness and being present in the moment. Not to mention the benefits to lowering blood pressure, regulating breathing, and lessening stress. 

Licensing Information:

Idaho License # LCSW-39378

North Carolina License # C011766

South Carolina License # 195

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