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Included in this package is 3 days of intensive couples work. We'll use a combination of experiential therapy and Gottman Method Couples Therapy to take a deep dive into your relationship.


D A Y   1 

We'll utilize experiential therapy so that I can observe how you interact as a couple to work toward a goal, problem solve, and collaborate as a team. I will also use the first day to learn about your history as a couple and as individuals.

D A Y   2

We'll get into the nitty gritty to discuss how partners can improve their relationship. We'll quickly move to a dyadic approach so you, as partners, can learn the tools you need to improve communication, build friendship, and better dialogue about conflict.

D A Y  3

Couples will be able to continue to build on tools for managing conflict, as well as how to repair after a conflict occurs. Partners will deepen understanding of each other's internal worlds and how to join life dreams. Lastly, we'll make a plan for how to bring these tools out to the real world. 


Included in this investment is five 90 minute sessions to follow up on our work together and continue progress in the relationship.


Reach out to schedule your couples intensive.

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