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Being a new mom and a first time mom can be super isolating. The Badass Mom's Club is here to support new moms to heal emotionally, come out of isolation, and connect with other moms in the outdoors.

I'm a first time mom of a 1 year old, and it's been a major adjustment. Before getting pregnant with my daughter I enjoyed hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, and general outdoor adventures. Ever since having her, I've had a really hard time finding my way back to the outdoors. I've often heard my inner self-talk say things like, "you're too slow and out of shape now to go hiking" or "you aren't strong enough to take your daughter biking".


I've felt stuck in the endless cycles of changing diapers, prepping snacks, naps, cleaning up toys.... the cycle of being a mom. I've often wondered how to get unstuck from this monotony. Learning how to get outside with my daughter has been a huge help to getting me unstuck, out of isolation, and empowering me! 

I hope to share this experience with other new moms, so that you too can see that you are a badass mom capable of adventuring outside! 



  • This group is geared toward anyone who identifies as a first time mom or new mom.

  • Our adventures are designed for babies/toddlers still small enough to be carried in a child carrier or kid-carrying backpack.

  • Come with or without your kid!


  • Hikes will be 3-7 miles in length and at an intermediate level. This means, we might get some elevation, we might have a creek crossing, we might do a longer distance on more flat ground. All the details will be posted before the hike. 

  • All adventures are taken at a no-drop pace. This means no one gets left behind. Becoming comfortable and empowered in the outdoors means you can take as many breathers and water breaks as you want to.


  • Absolutely nothing. This is a social support group freely available to any new mom that wants to join.

  • You are responsible for providing safe foot wear, clothing, child-carrier, and any other accessories.


  • Safe footwear: hiking boots, trail sneakers, whatever you feel comfortable to hike in.

  • Outdoor and weather appropriate clothing for you and your kiddo.

  • Water! Atleast a 32oz bottle is recommended.

  • If you are bringing your baby/toddler, a child-carrier. Hikes are not accesible by stroller.

  • Optional: first-aid kit, snacks, sunblock, entertainment for your baby.


  • I try to plan hikes around good weather windows. It's definitely still possible to hike in the rain though! Any cancellations will be announced on this site. If it's a sprinkle, we'll probably still hike. If it's a down pour, we'll probably cancel. Any risk of lightening is a definite cancellation for safety reasons.


Saturday May 14 at 11:00am    CANCELED DUE TO RAIN & THUNDERSTORMS

Big Rock/Cedar Rock/Little River

A moderate hike with some heart-pumping elevation for the first half. Great views at the top. The second half offers good shade cover and a creek crossing. Around 3.5 miles and takes about 1.5 hours. Sunblock and/or a hat is a necessity, as we'll get lots of sun on the first half of the hike.

For more information, visit the AllTrails site.

We'll meet at the Corn Mill Shoals parking lot at 11:00am for boots on the ground at 11:15am.


Adventuring outdoors comes with inherent risk. By participating in this event you are agreeing to be responsible for yourself and your little one. This includes, but is not limited to, bringing proper gear, adequate water and food, bringing a first aid kit, managing any existing injuries, and getting medical clearance from your provider. Please do not participate if you are less than 12 weeks postpartum. Hannah Ellis is the organizer of this free meet up, however, she is not responsible for you or your kid or any injuries that may occur while you are participating. It is recommended you familiarize yourself with the route ahead of time and bring a map with you to ensure your safety.

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