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Relationship Clarity: Together, we'll explore your doubts and fears, helping you gain the clarity you need to make informed decisions about your relationship's future.


Healing After Separation: If you've recently separated from a relationship, I'm here to provide a safe space for you to heal, rebuild, and rediscover your sense of self.


Personal Growth Pathways: My process-oriented approach focuses on your journey, helping you foster healthy attachments, build self-esteem, and achieve personal growth beyond relationships. I have experience working with clients around addiction and understanding values.


Solve a Specific Issue: A dyadic approach to therapy will support couples to learn the skills they need to increase respectful dialogue about acute or perpetual issues.

Deepen Your Bond: We will work together to strengthen friendship between partners, as well as find rituals of connection to increase intimacy. I will help partners to learn more about how to create shared meaning and how to make life dreams come true.

Couples Recovery: When one or both partners is in recovery from alcohol or drug use it is important to treat the couple's relationship as part of the recovery process. We will work together to increase communication, set healthy boundaries, and heal from the impact of addiction.



For couples that want to jump start their journey, couples intensives offer multi-hour therapy over the course of multiple days. These are a great way to get to the heart of how to heal in a short amount of time.




Explores how early relationships with caregivers shape an individual's emotional and relational patterns. Information about attachment styles helps clients to develop healthier relationships and enhance current interpersonal connections.



An evidence-based treatment that focusing on the interplay between thoughts, emotions, and actions. CBT empowers clients to develop healthier coping strategies and achieve lasting emotional well-being.

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A research-based approach designed to help couples improve communication, deepen emotional connection, and build lasting relationship satisfaction. This modality focuses on conflict management, intimacy, and shared goals.

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